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Kecee Mate

Kecee Mate Puzzle Pack Vol. 1

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Kecee Mate Puzzle Pack Vol. 2

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Kecee Maté was born on December 15, 1985 in Tacloban City, Philippines. Her parents Kelvin Mate (son of Mayor in Tacloban) and Cielo Mate (Miss Burauen of 1982) moved to Los Angeles, California right after she was born, so they can prepare a new life. They brought Kecee to LA when she was 6 years old and moved all around California from East LA to San Luis Obispo to Chino Hills.

She fell in love with acting at the age of 13 when she first got her lead role in a challenging, emotional play called, I Never Saw Another Butterfly.
Since then, she's been performing and dancing at school functions and city festivals.
At the age of 16, she got an agent and booked commercials, prints, and music videos.
She graduated at the Art-Institute of California Hollywood in Fashion Design in 2010, another passion of hers.
She currently lives in Hollywood and pursuing acting.

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