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William Copsey

Willliam Copsey Puzzle Pack Vol. 1

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Willliam Copsey Puzzle Pack Vol. 2 "Sports"

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William Copsey a rare native of "sin city" Las Vegas is a twenty-one (21) year old athlete who has competed in track in college while enjoying more extreme recreational sports like wakeboarding, skiing, dirt bike racing, rock and mountain climbing.  If it is competitive, and outdoors and most of all, extreme, William is all about it! Working out in the gym for two (2)
hours a day provides William the way to keep a healthy, active lifestyle.   In addition to his extreme sports and athletic interests, William loves to travel having lived in Florida, New York, and now in Southern California. With modeling, he is looking forward to his first trip to Paris and Milan. When not modeling and acting or looking for the next extreme sport to take on, William is a full time student studying advertising and marketing. While always looking for "Mrs. Right" he hopes to one day find her, and settle down, he knows that the career he is building in Los Angeles is going to take some time.  William loves kids, but knows the demands on his career mean that is a while away.  He knows one day, he will be a great dad !

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