Puzzle Body: DēP

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It's time to go Deep, well, DēP that is... Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, all around performer...DēP is taking the world by storm reigning his swag filled essence across the land yielding new green forms of creativity. So high, this artist is shooting for the stars as a phoenix resurrects from its flamed-licked ashes. The 21st century gentleman breathes new life into chivalry, resurrecting the fallen species of the gentlemen. An innovator, he’s securely driven by his passions but underwritten by his job, charities, and dedication, unconventionally shedding carbon-copied images of an emotionally void, self-centered man. Naturally defining "it" he moves purposefully, understanding nothing is happenstance but in everything, something DēP. Come on in the water is fine.. you ready? Now let's journey out into the DēP

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